Join the Blue Skies campfire jams and Open Stage

We’re asking all interested musicians to contribute a song or a tune for Virtual campfires and Open Stage performances.

Two fabulous volunteers have offered to host: Linda Grenier is looking after Open Stage and Michael Griffin is looking after Campfire Jams. We’re asking all interested musicians to contribute a song or a tune (or two or three).

What’s the difference between a Campfire song and an Open Stage song? Think about whether you’d play this around the campfire for people to jam with you or if this is an original song or performance you want to share on the Open Stage.

Here’s How to Contribute a Video

Upload your video to YouTube. Use the #hashtags #Blueskies2020Campfire or #Blueskies2020OpenStage when you upload your video. Linda and Michael will use these #hashtags when searching for videos to put on the Campfire and Open Stage playlists. They will curate videos to make sure the content is pure Blue Skies material (nothing hinky you wouldn’t want your kids to see).

Here are our recommended settings when uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

How to: Resolution Codec File Type Naming Convention #Hashtags
Preferred Format 1280 x 720 H264 .MP4 NAME_SONG_DATE_VERSION #Blueskies2020Campfire #Blueskies2020OpenStage
Notes Any 16×9 resolution will do but 720p will be easiest for streaming. Well compressed codec that is easy to play. This format works well on a variety of platforms. EG: MAGOO_SAFARISUIT_20200630_V1 Michael and Linda will search for these hashtags to include your video in the Campfire or Open Stage playlists.

For help on how to upload your video to YouTube

To contact our Virtual Campfire host Michael Griffin:
To contact our Open Stage host Linda Marie Grenier:

Remember they are volunteering for their love of music and Blue Skies!