If you have read all the pages on this web site, including the “Help” section and still have a question, email:

During the festival In Discord you’ll be able contact Blue Skies Hats (organizers) to find Help, and more info from our Moderator volunteers,  text @Moderator in Discord, the volunteers will get an alert and will respond with a text.

What is the Blue Skies Music Festival?

“A great party and a tight community, Blue Skies has also been known since the start as a bit of a musician’s festival. There’s a relaxed and informal atmosphere that allows performers, audience and organizers to ease back a bit and just enjoy. It’s the kind of place where you just might find yourself sitting around the campfire jamming with the musicians you just watched on stage, or doing a volunteer shift shoulder to shoulder with your musical hero.”

For more information about the Blue Skies Music Festival – entirely volunteer run for 46 years – please go to the website: