Ukulele Orchestra with Heather Katz

Fri, 31 Jul 2020 - Tue, 01 Sep 2020

Ukulele Orchestra host Heather Katz
Heather has led the Blue Skies Ukulele Orchestra for several years, as well as presenting workshops at The Midland Ukulele Festival, Harbourfront and the Royal City Ukulele Festival.

Ukulele Orchestra Workshop Hosted by Heather Katz
Meet and chat with Heather Katz at 6pm on Friday July 31st, at the Voice/Video channel: Hilltop in Blue Skies Discord

Safari Suit   (Magoo)

G                               D6                          C

I can take a shower   any old hour of the day

G                         D6                                  C

Even if it’s freezin’ I can see no reason for dismay

C                                                             D

Cause afterwards there’s nothing holds a candle

C                            D

Like the comfort of a sock in a sandal

C                              D                    Eb (X3)

And it’s all made fashionable to boot

NC              G      D6       C

In my safari soo  oo  oo oo oot   (X2)


It was down at Value Village in amongst the pillage slightly used

I threw it cross my back as we pulled it off the rack we were amused

Then we dressed it up with braids and butterflies

Some stars to put the sparkle in your eyes

I’m spiffier than Newton the Newt

In my safari suit


Oh life is hustle bustle, sometimes it’s a fuss I’ll say

Though life is pressure ceaseless I stay crisp and creaseless night and day

The polyesters blend to keep me sharp,

It’s a made to measure custom tailored tarp

A trend to render fashionistas mute

In my safari suit.


Oh life takes a turn some will have you learn to shift a gear

If something comes unravelled try a road less travelled watch where you steer

Like when he took a shine to shave the pate

There were bumps and turns in places that ain’t straight

But goodness me, it’s slick one can’t refute

In my safari suit.


G  0232  D6 2222  C 0003  D 2220