2017 Tunes

World Fiddle Day 2017 Tunes:

The 2017 Tunes book and cd,  is available to members of  World Fiddle Day Toronto and support our ongoing activities. Memberships can be purchased at the Around-the-World Jams, and online in the Members Music Room.

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Canada Old Tunes Feb 9 practice

Newfoundland: Running the Goat

1a. She Said She Couldn’t Dance – sheet musicmp3

1b. Final Goat – sheet musicmp3

Cape Breton

2a. Hoch Hey Johnny Lad – sheet musicmp3

2b. Sir Reginald MacDonald’s – sheet musicmp3


3a. Old Man, Old Woman – sheet musicmp3 Slowmp3

3b. Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman – sheet music mp3 Slowmp3

Old Time Canadian Set

4a. Debbie’s Waltz – sheet musicmp4a

4b. Tuggerman’s Jig – sheet music mp3 Slowmp3

4c. Old French – sheet musicmp4a Slowmp4a

United States

5a. St. Louis Blues

5b. Jolie Blonde (Cajun)

6. Rabbit Where’s Your Mammy (Appalachian)


7a. Guantanamera

7b. Hot hot Hot


8. Ariengue – Donne Roberts

9. E Kekereke – Njacko Backo


OUTREACH Project: Old World to New

10a. French Quick March (Voulez-vous dancer)

10b. La Bastringue

11a. Drops of Brandy (Scots-Irish)

11b. Drops of Brandy (Metis)

11c. Bacon Ridge


12a. Josefin’s Waltz

12b. Finnish Polska


13. Bourrées from Auvergne


14. Pakistan: Gawali Tune

15a. Afghan Children’s Song

15b. Alhamdoullilah

15c. Uskudar


16a. Flower Drum Song

16b. Marga’s Moment   – (Ireland) Brian Finnegan

CANADA (new compostions)

Canadian Waltz Medley

17a. My Cape Breton Home – Jerry Holland

17b. Valse Beaulieu – Pascal Gemme


Bird on a Wire – Leonard Cohen

THEME: Persionada